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Effectively Run Your Network

The overall goal of operational process / model design services is it to enable companies to run their network effectively and efficiently by having state-of-the-art policies, guidelines, processes and governance in place.

What is the right operating model for the network? How should the network processes of a company interact with other functions? Are the operational processes currently in place in line with the organizational business requirements? What implications does the operating model have on scope of IT outsourcing? Is the companies' business and technology infrastructure ready to support the planned growth path of the company?

More and more companies focus on effectively re-designing their operating model in order to adapt their IT networks to the rapid changing business and technological environment. Additionally, the companies focus to accommodate industry best practices from a people, process and technology perspective.

STC Solutions offers services focusing on operational process / model design that range from answering what specific business roles should exist to what functional size is sufficient to which budgets are required.

Typically we start an operational process / model design assignment with defining the business requirements of the network operating model in close work relationship with the client. This activity is followed by a thorough analysis of the existing operating model, its processes, network architecture and design. As a third step, gaps are identified between existing and target operating model and the to-be model is derived considering both, the clients' business requirements and their current network operating model. This step typically includes the definition of roles & responsibilities, processes, policies and a high level budgeting exercise. Last but not the least, a roadmap is developed recommending actions to effectively implement the new operating model within the committed duration.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

The operational process / model design service will help you to utilize the IT network infrastructure effectively and align it with the business operations.

Companies typically experience:

  • Greater flexibility in adapting their existing network to new business opportunities
  • Better resource utilization / increased productivity
  • Increased process adoption resulting in improved service experience
  • Increased agility to support constantly changing business environment
  • Greater resource effectiveness
  • Increased cost efficiency of the operations

Over a medium time period, companies will be enabled to size their IT functions optimally meeting their needs as per business strategy and increasing the return on IT investment.

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