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Managed solutions related to companies' IT environment help customers to strategically outsource IT functions to improve effectiveness and efficiency of their IT operation. Our services range from managing IT facilities and IT assets to setting up service desks to monitor and manage the customers' service levels, warranties, IT infrastructure and network security.

STC Solutions offers a comprehensive range of IT related managed solutions with a focus on delivering consistent business and technology outcomes.

Our managed solutions offerings include:

  • Facility Management - manages the operations and maintenance of companies' assets maximizing the assets life time value, reducing operational costs and ensuring higher return on investment.
  • Service Desk - provides pro-active, simple and cost effective 24/7/365 complaint and requests solutions targeting internal users and customer featuring high quality of service and fast resolution times
  • Service Level Management & Monitoring - defines and set up meaningful Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensure that SLAs are consistently met by a constant tracking of service levels, analyzing causes for SLA violations and effectively enabling follow up actions
  • Network Security Management - effectively protects networks from threats as shortcomings in network security and suboptimal security policies allow to compromise companies' networks
  • IT Asset Management - effectively manages and accounts for the IT assets over their complete life cycle from procurement to deployment to maintenance functions
  • Warranty Management - reduces warranty cost while optimally utilizing warranty systems

STC Solutions unique skills

  • STC Solutions provides end-to-end solutions out of one hand with its bouquet of services from design to delivery – as a result customers have one specific point of contact for all IT environment related issues.
  • With our state-of-the-art technology tools, like our newly upgraded network and security operating center as well as our high capacity backbone with multiple redundancies, we are providing highly reliable services to our customers.
  • Additionally, STC Solutions is a certified vendor by Cisco and maintains close relationships with leading international partners ensuring the application of best practices to build customized enterprise solutions that are efficient and scalable in the future.
  • STC Solutions follows industry best practices and standards, such as ITIL and ISO 9000 / 20000 / 27000 ensuring a consistent high quality service delivery.
  • Furthermore, we are employing a professional and certified delivery team well known for their high standards and comprehensive knowledge. Our delivery team is trained internationally and in KSA on a regular basis and maintains an excellent track record in fulfilling industry quality certifications requirements as per clients needs. Our delivery team is certified in PMP, ITIL and other industry standard certifications.
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