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Managing and Monitoring Service Levels Agreements

The goal of service level management & monitoring services is to

  • Define, agree, monitor, report and review the performance of IT services to ensure that the quality of services delivered are meeting or exceeding the service level commitments and are in line with the business objectives
  • Execute necessary actions to ensure appropriate level of service quality is being maintained consistently

What should business appropriate SLAs contain and how should they be set up? What technology should be used to measure SLAs? How should a SLA management reporting environment be set up? What metrics should be measured to derive meaningful conclusion? How to integrate an effective SLA breach resolution mechanism? How can companies identify bottlenecks in real-time? How to monitor service levels based on the actual end-user quality of service, especially in multi-service networks? How to ensure the availability of the right level of detail to generate customer reports in case of agreement breaches? How do certain degrees of service level achievement translate into companies' capacity planning? How can companies decrease the time to resolve issues? Is the existing SLA management flexible enough to adapt to new metrics as they arise? Can the SLA monitoring be scale effectively to meet the growth plan of the overall business?

Today, it is critical to monitor and manage the service level agreements on an ongoing basis providing a single view on relevant metrics in real-time. This continuous view on their SLAs performance is especially important as breaches in contractual agreements not only potentially harm the business reputation, but also can have a significant financial impact.

STC Solutions offers the full spectrum of service level management & monitoring services which help companies to manage all end-to-end user related issues in terms of service uptime, performance and speed of response.

Our service level management & monitoring service assignments typically start with an analysis of current and future business requirements by looking at contractual agreements, product and service pipelines as well as industry trends. This activity is followed by understanding client's current IT network infrastructure and monitoring capabilities in order to develop a remediation / implementation plan. We typically centralize the management of the performance and availability of all relevant IT systems components with the help of industry leading tool sets.

Key features of SLA management software include:

  • Monitoring performance and availability of IT Infrastructure systems
  • Analyzing service level performance measuring predefined metrics
  • Definition of SLA rules to prioritize requests
  • Monitoring of request response and resolution time
  • Ability to produce Service Level Management reports as needed

In addition to the general SLA management & monitoring services, we offer support in setting quality levels based on industry benchmarks as well as in producing and maintaining a service catalog illustrating currently active agreement schemes.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Companies implementing a state-of-the-art service level management system to monitor their service performance with respect to SLAs typically experience:

  • Reduced downtime of critical applications and services
  • Ability to prioritize problems in real time
  • Significant reduction of issue resolution time due to the automated linkages to the underlying systems
  • Overachievement of committed service levels resulting in a better quality of service to their customers
  • Ability to design more granular SLA agreements to gain competitiveness

In the long run, an effective SLA management lets companies optimize their offerings additionally in terms of dimensioning due to the detailed understanding of service performance as well as project potential service degradations.

Moreover, outsourcing the service level management & monitoring allows focusing resources on the core business while ensuring that the service levels are managed professionally.

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