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Manages Companies' Facilities

The overall goal of facility management services is to manage the operations and maintenance of companies' assets maximizing the assets life time value while being cost effective.

How to operate facilities that power the critical IT equipment? How to ensure strong security, continuous operation / availability as well as access to content? How to identify and eliminate cost inefficiencies? How to manage utilities efficiently?

Today companies continuously address the increased scope and complexity of facilities management by outsourcing that function to professional service providers.

STC Solutions offers services which support companies' business directly by managing their facilities and thus act as one facility contact to the clients.

Our services typically range from managing supplies to equipment management to maintenance scheduling. Depending on the business requirements we offer 24x7 facility management service as well (e.g. for IT related facilities, like data centers).

We typically follow a structured implementation process by starting with a business need analysis. Building on the outcome, we will define the requirements of the facility management function. Next step is to select a facility management software tool which best meets the requirements. We typically use tools that enable better tracking of building functions, managing space as well as help to organize staffing and inventory issues.

After the facility management software implementation into companies' existing IT landscape is done, our managed service team will start gathering data and managing the companies' facilities.

Benefits from STC Solutions offering

Our best-in-class facility management services will help you to:

  • Create an environment that increases productivity and is safe as well as efficiently managed
  • Increase quality of service while reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Ensure transparent and up-to-date information about companies' facilities
  • Increase reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Decrease in staffing complexity
  • Increased life time value of facilities

Moreover, outsourcing facility management allows focusing resources on the core business while having a peace of mind that companies' facilities are managed professionally.

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