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STC Solutions commitment to provide with innovative IT solutions, Microsoft Hosted CRM is a business strategy that focuses on making customers the centre of the business. The primary goals of CRM are to optimize business revenue and profit while reducing costs through improved interactions at each customer touch point in the sales pipeline. CRM attempts to accomplish these goals by providing greater visibility of customer information and empowering people to make better use of customer data to drive successful business outcomes. STC Solutions provides a range of cloud services through it locally managed Datacenters.

    Service Benefits
  • Sales Productivity
    Microsoft Hosted CRM solution increase productivity of businesses to save, innovate and grow as their employees benefit from working across the PC, phone and browser- with real anywhere access. CRM impacts positively various areas of businesses where businesses are significantly improving service quality, close more deals fasters, retain customers, attract more customers and reduce costs as well. Following are few business impacts in sales perspective:
    • Maximize the value of relationships
    • Track and manage sales interactions across multiple channels
    • Automate processes to increase sales productivity
    • Maximize Sales Pipeline visibility and insights
  • Customer Care
    Hosted CRM enhances your relationship with your customers by bringing world-class customer experience with your people to:
    • Maximize customer loyalty and lifetime relationship value
    • Enable multi-channels interaction management
    • Drive efficiencies and consistency in process execution
    • Use insights to deliver differentiated customer care.
  • Marketing Effectiveness
    Microsoft Hosted CRM provides you the ability to better understand your customer needs and serve them well by delivering targeted and focused communications and the innovative products they want. It improves customers marketing activities in following areas:
    • Target the right campaigns to the right audience
    • Quickly arrange effective campaigns across multiple channels
    • Automate key processes ( Lead qualification, approvals, revenue views)
    • Effectively track marketing impact and discover insights
    Features of Service
  • Various CRM modules available including: Sales , Customers Care and Marketing
  • Control Panel
  • Online Access
  • Flexible service plans with minimum no. of Subscribers
  • Increase or Decrease of No. of users
  • Affordable Subscriptions with pay as much as you use.
  • Availability of Additional storage.
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

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