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The future of education is the future of the nation and e-learning is the future of education. Education service is the ability to learn anything, anywhere and anytime. It is an internet driven learning service. It aims at providing access to learning and upgrading one’s education and skills at any point of his/her career. Freedom of location and time for teacher and student (trainer and trainee) are the key benefits of e-learning. The need to reduce cost for upgrading individuals’ skills is the driving force that is making e-learning more popular.

Education service is a technology driven platform that enables educational institutions and business organizations to move teaching, training and learning initiatives and programs on the internet for e-learning to take place. It provides internet/intranet based infrastructure for teachers, instructors, trainers, students and program directors to manage and track a student, employee and trainees participation and performance in e-learning.

The online education environment supports face-to-face interaction over the Education system, including online classes, lectures and discussions.

Education systems offer much more extensive communication tools than corporate EDUCATION. Students can reach instructors through the EDUCATION system using forums, email, instant messaging, video chat and even web-based phone calls. Other means of communication includes blogs and chat rooms. Students find these EDUCATION-based communication tools extremely effective. The ability to set meetings can increase communication between instructors and students.

Education service enables the administration, documentation, assessment, tracking and reporting of educational content and training programs, providing organizations with a cost-effective method to fulfill their operational, compliance and training requirements.

EDUCATION service has all the features of a traditional educational systems while leveraging a significant advantage over other systems; EDUCATION service is easy to use for learners and administrators. It has a look and feel that is intuitive, clean and efficient. Our EDUCATION service is a custom version of Moodle designed specifically for the educational sector and it is based on cloud . Moodle is the world’s most used LMS that gives you complete control over your learning environment.

Service Benefits
  • Cost effective as no per user license fees.
  • Web portal design enables you to fully customize design, navigation and branding .
  • Rich functionality including blogs, wikis, forums, polls, quizzes and chat rooms.
  • High level security.
  • Straightforward management of learners, groups, teams and departments.
  • Manage, assess and report on compliance requirements.
  • Web services API for integration with other systems.
  • Increase knowledge retention and make learning more efficient.
  • Measure the effectiveness of training.
  • Powerful reporting.
  • Parent role – can see their children marks, reports and possible to send the feedback to teachers.
  • Online quizzes and assessments.
  • Hijri and Gregorian event calendars.
  • Available in complete Arabic language.
     Features of Service

    The service offers several special features for system administrators and end-users as well.

  • Administrator features:
    • Intuitive and automated management of all aspects of online.
    • Brand customization according to your corporate look and feel.
    • Segregation of user population to meet your sophisticated business needs.
    • Instant reporting, analysis and related actions.
    • Links in with your business database.
    • Built in assessment and survey engine.
    • Robust communication features including automated notifications.
  • Learner Features:
    • Easy-to-use multimedia interface built for your diverse workforce.
    • Multiple language support.
    • No training required to start training.
    • Single sign-in.
    • Print transcripts, certificates and records of completion.
    • Track internal and external training.
    • Just need a web browser, no plug-ins required.

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