The education system offers more than centers of learning; it creates communities of young people, often spread across diverse locations. To education providers, the responsibility to provide personal safety within the environment has risen on the agenda.

Protection is as important as teaching; and both depend on using advanced technology to discharge such responsibilities in the fullest possible way.

STCS is proud to be a trusted partner to many of the Kingdom’s foremost learning establishments, providing holistic services in support of progress towards the attainment of Vision 2030.

The next generation experience for those within the education system incorporates:

  • Access Control & Visitor Management: not simply to exclude unauthorized visitors but also to ensure students can only access areas within their syllabus requirements
  • Attendance & Mustering: to keep the wheels of the education system turning and make sure that those who are entitled to an education do, indeed, take advantage of it
  • Buses and pick-up/drop-off: to extend the safety remit beyond the gates of the institution, demonstrating reliable systems to parents of students
    • The benefits of the connected school bus
    • Eco-driving
    • Monitoring and reporting on desired metrics
    • Passenger Wi-Fi and infotainment
    • Secure access to board bus
    • Security
  • Cashless Campus: to automate payment facilities for any transactional requirement from catering to use of campus facilities such as copiers, printers and other equipment; reduce administration costs, increase productivity and avoid non-payments
  • Mobile tracking: sophisticated security enhancements to protect students
  • Personal IDs: including biometric entry systems to improve safety
  • Security and monitoring: constant vigilance.


Command and Control Center is an STCS concept that enables you to select optimum support capabilities depending on the configuration of your own healthcare infrastructure; enablement facilities to select from include:

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Centralized orchestrating facility to monitor, manage, maintain and supervise network 24/7/365

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Intelligent security vigilance and protection center, monitoring, detecting, isolating, analyzing and remediating security events

Command and Control Center

Common Computing Environment to collect timely, critical information and act decisively to avoid crises or rapidly respond to resolve all emergencies.

Management Systems

Different dashboard and statistical tools providing all-round awareness of network and systems status

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