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The Internet of Things

The Internet of things is upon us and around us. It is a catalyst for the achievement of Vision2030. It will bring unprecedented volumes of data and a challenge for all organizations to harness and use this data for smarter services at lower costs and with more efficiency.

STCS provides an integrated IoT ecosystem that enable you to connect and control your devices and empower your businesses through automating the process, increasing productivity and optimizing the cost.

The shape of things to come

  1. 50 billion

    IoT connected devices by 2020; up from 1 5 billion in 2015.

  2. 90%

    Faster troubleshooting

    Is the amount of Iot data that will be hosted on server provider platforms within the next 5 years, as cloud computing reduces the complexity of IoT ‘Data Blending’

Is the compound annual growth rate for Machine-to-Machine connections by

STCS customizes your solution for
the Internet of Things…

  • Asset Management solutions: Increase your valuable asset performance, track and manage assets efficiently including employee locations and productivity.
  • Connected cash machines: Reliable ATM Connectivity solutions through wired or wireless networks, the latest technology and widest coverage in the Kingdom. Banks and their customers benefit from flexibility, control, and the highest security standards.
  • Environmental monitoring: Remote monitoring of environmental conditions such as temperatures and gases, and pollution levels; enhancing safety.
  • Medical imaging: Achieve higher quality care standards, reduce patient waiting time, reduce travel times to specialized care units, increase number of x-ray report studies.
  • Smarter cities: Control traffic flows, improve fire detection, drive intelligent shopping initiatives and much more.
  • Oil and Gas: Smart devices and real-time analytics to improve maintenance and engineer effectiveness; detect temperature variances gain benefits of AR for on-site actions.

IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP)

Enabling the enterprise to rapidly develop and deploy smart and connected solutions. The AEP handles ongoing management tasks and data visualization, API Integration and Devices management.

The benefits

Easily connect your products to the internet of things world. It will lower your IT costs, increase productivity, conserve resources and open up new business areas.

Our AEP enables you to build your own specific application in areas such as asset management, smart metering, and smart lighting, to name a few.

The AEP offers:

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Powerful capabilities (IoT Infrastructure)
  • Minimal development effort and fast time-to-market
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Highly secure data in STC Cloud

M2M Connectivity Platform

STC M2M Platform is a powerful and flexible tool that support you to manage and control the whole lifecycle of M2M SIM cards.

The platform offers self-service tools for provisioning, real-time diagnostics, usage controls and more. With the ability to set custom rules and automate processes to streamline operations. This can help you to drive efficiency, deploy faster, and improve the profitability of your connected device initiatives. It can also deliver strategic insight so you can manage your business more effectively over the long term.

The benefits

Customers gain more insights about their SIM usage and billing the customer account can be terminated / cancelled based on contract expiration. Inquiries: Troubleshooting & Ticketing

The M2M Connectivity Platform offers:

  • M2M SIM Management
  • Faster time to market
  • One-Stop Shop
  • Self-Service: SIM ordering, self-modifications and actions, access to information etc.
  • Manage and control in real time
Whatever its effect on daily life in the Kingdom, the IoT will:
  • generate unprecedented volumes of data
  • demand highly sophisticated support technologies
  • require the backbone capabilities of a robust, reliable and pervasive network.

That’s where you’ll find STCS now and one step ahead of the future; serving the evolution of society, future-proofing industry and government, and delivering innovation that matters.

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