Shrinking spaces:

    In 2003 the average space allocation per U.S. employee was 250 square feet; in 2013 it was 190; it’s projected to be just over 150 in 2018


    Happier people: 25%

    Faster troubleshooting

    The workplace environment accounts for up to 25% of job satisfaction and can affect employee performance by as much as 5% for individuals and 11% for teams.


    Moving targets

    Workforces are more dispersed than ever, reducing reliance on traditional offices. Mobility and cloud are redefining how and where people work

The nature of the workplace is changing.

In the commercial world, as employees spend less time at their desks, opportunities exist for organizations to reduce costs and/or maximize space planning and utilization. Office Real Estate management is characterized by the need to reduce costs, improve business agility, and optimize physical resources; meeting the needs of the evolving workforce by the provision of flexible space.

In retail Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is driving proximity services for the delivery of greater shopper personalisation of services, together with the smart use of sensors and beacons.

In hotels, the drive to improve occupancy rates dictates the requirement for a cost-effective network over long distances and widely dispersed areas.

STCS offers Real Estate Fundamentals services combining Wi-Fi and high speed internet access with voice systems and video surveillance to meet the critical objectives of:

STCS Commercial Real Estate Services:
Streamlined processes

STCS Real Estate solutions for commercial organizations (offices and branch networks) converge building, energy, safety and communications networks on an open Internet Protocol (IP) standard.
Our approach brings together a large set of products, services and solutions enabling you to use a single connection for building management and IT systems, covering:

Building Services Vertical

Environment Control
  • Buildinng Management System
  • Energy Management & Efficiency
  • Lighting Control
  • Smart Electricity & water meters
  • Smart HVAC Solutions
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Public Address & Evacuation
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control & Visitor Management System
  • Intrusion System
  • RFID System
  • Scanning Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • IPTV
  • Command & Control Room
Indoor Communication
  • IBS
  • Public Areas Wi-Fi

STCS Retail Real Estate Services: Enhanced customer experience

STCS provides a range of integrated or standalone solutions enabling you to:

  • Improve security – through access control and visitor management systems
  • Increase productivity – through RFID systems, scanning solutions and asset tracking
  • Add shopper engagement – through audio and video solutions to support instore digital signage

STCS Hotel Real Estate Services: Better guest services

Hotels are increasingly challenged by the need to deliver a variety of guest and business services without the high cost of traditional switched network. STCS cloud and connectivity services enable you to turn the modern hotel into a smart hotel by combining IP networking with Building Automation Systems (BAS).
Our hierarchical network architecture delivers a stable IP backbone network to support every hotel's complex mix of scenarios:

  • Guest Rooms
  • Wire/wireless Internet access, IP voice, cable TV, VOD, information inquiry services for guests; improving the competitive advantage by delivering services today’s guest demand, in the way they want them delivered.

  • Back Offices
  • Attendant consoles, office networks, office voice, fax, mobile wireless office services for hotel staff; empowering the guest-centric culture.

  • Conference Rooms
  • Wire/wireless Internet access service, IP voice service, Telepresence system service for participants; demonstrating smart support for those all-important business customers.

  • Public zones (elevators, corridors, lobbies, hotel entrances and other zones
  • Wireless Internet access and analog video surveillance service; offering the reassurance of a guest-safety focus. Wireless Internet access and HD video surveillance service.

  • Monitor Centers
  • To monitor the inside and outside of hotel on large-screen real-time (Video Wall).

  • Parking lots and other outdoor zones
  • Provide network services for parking col, provide wireless Internet services for outdoor areas like swimming pools as well as Intelligent Video monitoring service.

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